Random Cuteness

Just for fun…

While playing around with our new camera, I snapped these of Youngest. I thought I’d post them for no other reason than…well, they’re cute. And right now, I am feeling like I could use a large dose of cute! I love the impish smile…

And, as long as we are on the subject of cute: Remember those kittens that interruped our boredom the other day? Well, here’s one of them. Newborn kittens are…cute. But I have a feeling they will be much more cute once they are a few weeks old and have a little more fluff and spirit to them! And they will be the absolute cutest when we find homes for all…six of them. Anyone want a kitty? Come on, you know you need a kitten!

The mommy cat showed up in our yard not long ago, and has won our affection by not only being a very friendly cat, but also an amazing mouser. Did I tell you about the rodent problem in our yard? I’ll have to do that some day. Between the sweet kitty who greets us every morning on the back porch and the drastic reduction of scary little vermin darting around the garden, I’d say it’s pretty much worth a basement full of mewing little fuzz balls. Check back with me in a month and see if I feel the same way….

2 thoughts on “Random Cuteness

  • July 30, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Those images of your daughter are SO GREAT! And thanks for the kitty fix. Ya know, we have one of those abandoned master mousers too…miss Sweet Kitty.



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