Gratitude Journal…Thanksgiving

Sorry to have gone missing on you…what a whirlwind the last ten days have been!  We were blessed to have my parents in, and spent the week enjoying life with them.  The weeks around Thanksgiving bring three family birthdays, out of town guests, and often some frantic editing and photo work.  It was amazing to take last week to just relax and enjoy time with my family!

Nothing profound to say this morning…just sitting here in the midst of torn wrapping paper, birthday cards, a sink full of dishes, birthday cake crumbs clinging to holiday plates.  There is snow…lots of it…is drifting all around our little house, padding the rose garden and muffling the early-morning sounds.  The kitten is pouncing around, shredding tissue paper and hiding in empty gift bags.  Three children are sleeping soundly in their beds, our newly 8 year old snuggled up to the stuffed cheetah her brother and sister saved up to buy her. In a moment, I will get up from this quiet place and go pick up the scraps of last night’s birthday party.  In a moment, I will put back the chairs and re-arrange the living room and start the dishwasher.  I’ll put the laundry in the washer that has been waiting all week to be done, because some things are just more important than doing laundry.  I’ll put away the silver and the serving platters and the Thanksgiving napkins, and spot-clean the meringue off the holiday tablecloth.  I’ll clean the seven-minute frosting off the walls and possibly the ceiling (forgot to turn off the mixer when I checked for “stiff peaks”).  I’ll pull on my boots and shovel a path through the snow so that the car might…just might…be able make it through.

But right now, I’m just sitting here looking at pictures, sipping warm coffee, enjoying a quiet moment to just be…..Thankful.   

Happy, happy birthday to my Thanksgiving Baby!  Eight years old seems to have come too soon.  What a blessing you have been to all of us, sweet child!

 A couple of helpers, brining the turkey
 Layered cherry chocolate cheesecake
 Thanksgiving table….
 Long games of Mexican Train
 Her place, set the night before
 Gifts from Pops and Granny (love that headband!)
 How has it already been eight years?
 Family party
 Special cheetah from the siblings
It’s good to be enthusiastic…
 Eight Candles
 A tag-along
 Oh, the snow!

491. Thank you for family’s safe arrival
492. For planning together
493. For time spent in the kitchen, learning, laughing
494. For the blessing of family…my parents, their grandparents
495. For huge flakes of snow
496. For the smell of roasting turkey
497. And the new stove to bake in
498. For an abundance that sometimes makes me cry
499. For worship music and slide bass
500. For the blessing of eight years of Youngest

One thought on “Gratitude Journal…Thanksgiving

  • December 8, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    What beauty you have shared. And that cake–I can smell it from here.

    psst…we are mostly moved and just waiting for you all to stop by en route to your dad’s 😉

    hugs and blessings


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