Gratitude Journal…my heart is full
It is less than a week now, less than a week until we celebrate the day of Christ’s birth.  Most of the “have-to’s” are finished, the week lies ahead of us like a blank canvas ready to fill.  My heart, already, is full.  Filled with awe at the beauty of all of this, filled to overflowing with the love of family near and far, the love of church family and the fullness, the exquisite beauty of it all. Filled with the Spirit that flows with love through each of us, that fills until you think you cannot hold any more and then grows you until yes, there is room and the abundance is everlasting, ever-growing, ever-giving.  Blessings to each of you this Christmas week!  Thank you to the One who gives us all that is beautiful, all that is good.  To the one who came, the God of all creation in the body of a helpless baby, to give us life.
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501. The quality of light that settles in the living room when the Christmas lights are on and the fire it going
502. Angels in tinsel wings
503. Church family
504. Big red hair ribbons, fancy dresses worn with winter boots
505. Children singing Christmas carols
506. One last year to be an angel in the church play
507. The snow (will we have it for Christmas?)
508. Quite moments by the tree
509. The generosity of friends towards those in need
510. The feeling of the Spirit filling church, filling hearts

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