Backseat Conversations:  Elephant Coffee

In an effort to lighten things up around here, I’m starting a new category of posts….”Backseat Conversations.”  What are backseat conversations?  I love to evesdrop on my kids, they say the most interesting things that sometimes have me laughing for days.  Often as not, these conversations take place in the backseat of the van when we’re driving somewhere.  Although they won’t all be conversations from the car, they’re going under the Backseat Conversation label.  So there you have it!


Middle Child:  (Reading an old copy of Discover magazine) “Whoa, did you know that Elephant Dung Coffee sells for $500.00 a pound?”

Youngest:  “WHAAaaaaat?!?”

Eldest:  “Yeah, I heard about that…the elephant eats the coffee beans whole, and the shells gets digested off the beans and then, well, nature takes its course.”

Middle Child:  “As disgusting as that is, $500.00 a pound is pretty fantastic.”


Youngest:  “Hey, our neighbor is a zookeeper!  She has access to elephants…maybe we can start a family business!”

Eldest:  “That’s a great idea!  Well, as long as we don’t get high on our own supply.”

Um, yeah.  No fear there.

One thought on “Backseat Conversations: Elephant Coffee

  • September 15, 2013 at 4:01 am

    first the unicorn and now the dung collection — your homeschool program rocks.



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