Well, I seem to have forgotten to post for…um…two years

Hi again! It’s been a bit of a long time. A Loooooonnnnnngggggg time. I have new resolve to post a blog entry more than once per 2 years from now on! We’ll see how it goes.

Things have been chugging along. We’ve had 2 pretty successful years with homeschooling, lots of ups and downs but things are good and we are blessed. We’re dealing with a new issue (well, more accurately stated with an old issue that we now have a name for): Pediatric GERD. Isaiah had a terrible winter with a lot of long illnesses, and one of the issues we discovered was that he has acid reflux. This explains the tummy aches, and the fact that he’s a darn skinny kid. He is doing much better now, but we are also discovering that the GERD is probably related to some food allergies. We already knew that gluten causes problems for him, now it seems that milk and soy are also no-no’s. So my adventures in the kitchen trying to feed a family with a large array of interesting dietary issues continues! Goat’s milk seems to be tolerated much better than cow’s, so we have been taking bi-monthly trips to a local goat dairy to stock up. So it’s not all bad….hey, we get to see the goats twice a month! That’s something.

We added a dog to the chaos and mayham. She’s a labradoodle, half yellow lab and half white standard poodle. She’s a lot of fun, they are a great breed. Last month, the puppy had finally started to calm down and quit bouncing off the walls quite so much. So as not to be bored by all the calm and quiet, we added a kitten to the mix! Gwenevere is pretty darn cute and fits in great with the family…that is, she’s quick and feisty and demands a lot of attention, but is also sweet and snuggly and highly lovable. So we now have 3 kids, a pet mouse, a cat and a dog. Never a dull moment!

Well, that’s all for tonight. I’ll be back…hopefully in less than 2 years! ;o)

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