1. Erica, you have your hands full. Zombie Pa, atom-safe slippers, what a creative mind.

    One of my favorite TV commercials shows a dad tucking his daughter into bed. She’s afraid of the monster in the closet, and, as it turns out, there really is one in there! A big scary one too. But, the father calmly reminds her, he won’t come to get you because I gave him Strive gum.

  2. Sam, maybe that’s what we need around here…Strive gum! I’ve tried “monster spray” (water with a little perfume in a spray bottle). Maybe zombies would drop in their tracks if you offered them a stick of chewing gum?

  3. Sounds a bit like Where The Wild Things Are over there at your place. Zombie Pa? Now that’s creative. You may have a future storyteller on your hands. Wonder what would happen if she wrote this stuff down?

    Okay. I’m off to get myself some Strive gum. Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Nice story. I have an eleven year old with a similar personality. He told me last night that he hopes that God’s wife knows how to play the drums, because that would be ohhhh, so cool. Good luck with the creative one. It is a challenge!

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