Track and Field (a happier post)

I thought I’d post an update about the kids’ Track and Field…since my last post about it was so dismal! It’s going better, and the kids are (for the most part) enjoying it. We did switch locations, and the high school where they are practicing now is a much more supportive and fun environment! They have found some friends, in fact we’ve run into a couple of people we knew years ago and had lost track of (no pun intended). They’ve done two meets so far, and although it’s been hot and they’ve been tired they have carried on with minimal complaining. The kids are by no means coming in first, in fact we’re thrilled and consider it a success when they don’t come in last. But, they’re having fun and getting some exercise and meeting a few new people. The parents at the new school are much more supportive, and at the meets they cheer everyone on equally and give a lot of loud, whooping support for both the first and the last runners in each race.

Isaiah is doing OK, although he is definitely feeling the effects of GERD and a winter of illness. After the first meet, he had a reflux attack and it took awhile for him to feel better. It did subside fairly quickly, though, and didn’t leave him sick for long. Sports can make reflux flare, and I was sort of ready for that possibility…but we were really glad that it was temporary and didn’t set off a long relapse. The last meet, he struggled a little with allergies, which were pretty bad that day. He had a little wheezing going on after he ran the 1/2 mile, so we will be checking with the allergist next month to see if maybe there’s a little asthma going on now too. Sigh. However, he did try and he did choose to run a longer race this time, so I am very proud of him for putting out the effort and for sticking it out. We are going to set a goal of running another 5K this fall, and work slowly towards it. Hopefully the strength and endurance training will help keep him healthier over the winter this year! It sucks to see him struggle with something he used to do so easily, but it is getting better little by little and I am proud that his attitude is so good about it.

The fun news…we were surprised by Rachel and Isaiah both getting ribbons in the 4×100 relay race! Rachel’s team got second, and Isaiah’s took third. Poor Sarah was disappointed that she didn’t get one this time, but it was a good chance to discuss the fact that you have to get out of your comfort zone and try things in order to succeed. She is pretty reluctant to try new things the first time, and didn’t want to sign up for a relay race…but the last meet she did run one and her team did well, so I bet she’ll get a ribbon next time they meet. As you can see from the photos, Rachel is proud as can be of her ribbon, and Isaiah is looking exhausted (just finished practice) and a little conflicted about his.

Another interesting issue…I hadn’t thought of it, but the starting gun is a big issue for Sarah and Rachel. Both kids are very, very sensitive to sound, and waiting for that dang gun to go off just about drives them crazy. Sarah looks like a deer in the headlights at the starting line, and Rachel stands there with her fingers in her ears and gets a late start because she won’t take them out until after the gun goes off! These are not children who enjoy fireworks, by the way. Hopefully by the last meet they will have learned to deal with it!

And one last little brag….Rachel ran the 1/2 mile at Tuesday’s meet! I was so proud of her. She knew that Isaiah was running it, and even though she was by far the youngest to try it she decided to go for it. “Will you yell ‘WooooHoooo‘ really loud for me? Will everyone clap?” She asked me before deciding to run. Of course I will! That was the deciding factor for her…and she wasn’t let down! It was so darn cute. The other runners were taller than her by at least a foot, she was this little tiny speck in pink shorts amid a bunch of bigger kids. She ran with flare, too…her little arms up in a victory dance periodically whenever the mood struck. She was about 3/4 a track behind the last runner when she finished, and the whole crowd on the bleachers stood up and cheered and yelled and clapped as she passed by! One of the coaches from the other team followed her back to the bleachers and told her “Some day, little girl, you’re going to be in the Olympics!” Rachel was so thrilled, she felt like a champion. Odd are high that despite finishing 5 minutes after everyone else did, she’ll still get an award…since she was the only one in her age group to run!

So, I am really glad that we decided to see it through. It was a bad first impression, but this has by far been worth the sign up fee and the cost of the shoes! Rather than being stressful, it’s been supportive and fun. I’m thankful we’ve been able to do it!

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