In all the excitement of the Ugly Mug contest yesterday, and also because things were really busy at my house, and also because the creative menu-planning part of my brain has decided to take a short vacation to Maui, I forgot to post the weekly dinner menu. I also forgot to plan it.

This week I have only a sketchy, half-planned menu. I’ll share what I’ve got so far, and then direct you to my past menus and my friends Molly and Joann, who actually did plan their menu for the week.

Monday: Chicken Fajitas, with chocolate pudding for dessert. We had friends over for dinner, and I had a busy day. I threw about five large chicken breasts into a covered casserole dish, added about 4 cups of salsa, several teaspoons of chili powder, and a teaspoon or so of garlic salt. My chicken was already cooked, so I added some water as well…if you’re using fresh or frozen chicken you’ll probably need less liquid. Cook the chicken at a low temperature all day, breaking it up with a fork a few hours before dinner. Once it’s broken up, stir it well and check your seasonings to see if you need more salsa, water, or chili powder. If you have too much liquid, take the lid off your casserole and let it boil off. Right before dinner I cooked two thinly sliced onions and five bell peppers seasoned with garlic salt and chili powder in a large skillet, letting the onions caramelize and the peppers brown. I served the chicken and peppers buffet style with corn and flour tortillas, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, sliced tomatoes, olives and cheese. Kraft chocolate pudding is gluten free and appears also to be dairy free, I made several boxes with milk and one with almond milk, which turned out OK.

Tuesday: Fajita salads. I have a lot of leftovers, so I’m going to make big salads for dinner. Lettuce, the fajita meat, the peppers, some cooked rice, some prepared chili beans in a can (check for gluten status), plus a little salsa, sour cream, and maybe a touch of oil and vinegar dressing. I may mix a can of corn into the beans as well.

Wednesday and the rest of the week: As of now, I have no idea! Argh. When I don’t have my menu planned, I inevitably spend more money at the store and end up with crummy meals, too. I’ll be checking my freezer and pantry to see if I can come up with something to tide us over ’till payday, so probably you don’t even want to know what’s for dinner the rest of the week!

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