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Saturday: Grilled chicken with barbecue sauce (Kraft), a green salad, corn on the cob. We’ll grill extra chicken to use on Monday.

Sunday: Grilled burgers (Lipton Onion soup and and Worcestershire sauce in the meat), fruit salad, green salad, home fries (toss cut potatoes, skin on, with olive oil and sea salt. Bake until crispy). Oreo Cake for dessert! (recipe will follow)

Monday: Left over grilled chicken sandwiches. Grilled chicken, barbecue sauce, lettuce and pickle on a bun. Gluten free macaroni salad and fruit salad.

Tuesday: Pasta salad with summer sausage, feta cheese, olives, green and red pepper, red onions, corn, and tomatoes. Steamed artichokes on the side.

Wednesday: Tuna fish salad, lettuce, red onion, and cucumber wrapped in a rice flour tortilla. Watermelon.

Thursday: Chicken Parmesan with marinara sauce over noodles, green salad (roll chicken tenders in mayo, then coat. To make the crumb and cheese mixture: pulse one gf hamburger bun in the food processor, add 1 cup Parmesan cheese, a dash of garlic powder, a dash of oregano and basil and pulse again. Bake chicken strips at 350 until brown and crispy, serve on a bed of noodles with sauce over everything).

Friday: Big salad with lots of greens, grilled chicken, cucumber, dark red kidney beans, olives, red onion, blue cheese, bacon bits, and Ranch dressing. Gluten free corn bread with butter.

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