The Lion and the Lamb…well, sort of.

I won’t be posting tomorrow, Andrew’s band is playing at church and I’m teaching Sunday school and then we’re planning on taking some time to relax after our busy weekend. So I thought I’d post tonight and leave a thought or two that has been rolling over in my head lately. First of all the photos….Gwenevere (the kitten) and Maddy (the Labradoodle) have finally settled into a nice sibling relationship. The first time they lay down together and slept was yesterday, and we counted it as a landmark in a relationship that started out pretty rocky. Gwen is a feisty little cat, and Maddy is a hyper puppy, so the first week or two were sort of a nightmare. Gwen hissed, spat and swiped Maddy’s nose upon their first meeting, and Maddy clearly wanted to eat her then and there. For three weeks we had to keep them apart, or be ready to jump on Maddy and sit on her (literally, she’s a big dog!) to keep Gwen from becoming a doggy hors d’oeurve. Gwen did her part to keep the relationship on edge by faithfully attacking Maddy and hissing every time she came near. With a lot of work, the two now get along as siblings should…that is, all day long the chase each other around and fight and play, and when they settle down they either snuggle or ignore each other. I can’t believe it! They started out as mortal enemies, and after a few short weeks they are good friends. Just now as I write, Gwen swiped a bit of food off a plate the kids left out, and after chewing it for a second she gave the rest to Maddy. Now that’s amazing!

The lion and the lamb….one day in Heaven it will all be like that! Everything and everyone will get along. Can you imagine? I can’t wait to be there. Yesterday the kids and I were talking about Heaven. We were talking about how things have gone wrong here on Earth, the sickness and fighting and pollution and death and hatred that is happening everywhere. We talked about how this wasn’t how God created it, how He has a perfect plan that was set awry by sin. And, gloriously….how He has a perfect place waiting for us! He will bring forth a new Heaven and a new Earth, and it will all be perfect! We will all have the perfect home, the perfect environment. No pollution, no leaky pipes, no freeways running through your yard or graffiti in the parks. The kids pointed out that there will be the perfect amount of rain, of sun, of snow…we’ll never be discontent with the weather. Predators will play and snuggle with their prey, there will be no fear…no sickness…no hatred…no pain…no boredom…no conflict…no uncertainty…no sorrow! And that means for all eternity. We spent a long time talking about that…can you imagine? How wonderful! All eternity to get answers to those nagging questions that have bugged you your whole life long (which *did* come first, the chicken or the egg?). We will have all the time we ever imagined and more, so much time that we can’t even begin to wrap our little human minds around it. What really excites me is that we will have the time to get to know every person who ever lived and who ever will live…imagine how close you are to the best friend or closest family member you ever had. Now imagine you know and love the ten times, a hundred million times more…and we will be able to know everyone there that much! God knows what makes us happy, and it will all be there in Heaven. Not a guilty, “I really shouldn’t but I will” sort of happy–true, righteous happiness like we can only get a taste of here.

And the sweetest thing…we will be there with the God of the universe. We will get to see His face! Everything we do will be worship. The tiny scraps of love we find here on Earth will be nothing at all compared to the enormous LOVE the Father has for us, and we will finally be able to understand it fully. 1 Corinthians 13:12 says….”Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” We will be complete! That little part of us that is always seeking to be filled will at last be full. Can you imagine! He asks for nothing in return, just that we accept the free gift He gives us in His son, Jesus. Yes, LORD! I’m so excited for Heaven. Hope to see you there! I can’t wait to get to know you.

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