1. Thanks for bringing light to the “messiness” and truth of Christ’s birth and sacrifice. We forget that a barn is a smelly place to be, much less be born in! Thanks for the beautiful words, friend. We need them because we are messy too.

  2. Great reminder! I ponder on the ridicule Mary, Joseph, and their families must have endured, a silent area of Scripture. Mary could have been stoned, but the miracle of her protection, of God’s divine Hand on her very being as the bearer of our salvation is awesome!

  3. Grace, I think of that often too. By glossing over the difficulties of the real-life situation that Mary and Joseph (and Jesus!) faced, I think we lose some of the profound nature of God’s plan. His hand protected and guided them through situations that, at the time, must have seemed impossible and hopeless to Mary and her husband. It’s a good reminder to us today, one that I could use right now!

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