I’m still laughing over this one. It happened this week while we were home schooling.

In our Bible study last week we briefly discussed the Dead Sea Scrolls, and looked at a picture of where the caves were where they were found, the sort of jars that contained them etc. This was really a brief mention, as we were talking about how the gospels had been written and preserved etc. and maybe a couple of sentences reffered to the scrolls. Anyway, Bear seemed really interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls and couldn’t stop talking about them. I was wondering what on earth could have captured her imagination so much! She even sat there drawing pictures of the Dead Sea Scrolls while I read aloud. Later on, she said “I wish I could have seen them when they were *alive*”. I was thinking she meant back when they’d first been written, but was still confused as to why she was so interested. Then I went to pick up the table and found the drawings….The Dead Sea SQUIRRELS….little rodents on their backs with their legs up in the air!!! The whole time she was thinking we were discussing squirrels! Boy was she dissapointed when I cleared up *that* misunderstanding. What with Narnia and with all her stuffed animal play, I think she was really excited by the thought of a bunch of mummified squirrels that somehow enlightened archeologists to what life was like during Christ’s time on earth LOL. Unfortunately I can’t find the drawings now, I think they got tossed when the kids cleaned up for dinner. But I don’t think I’ll ever hear the words “Dead Sea Scrolls” without seeing those little stick-figure rodents belly-up with X’d out eyes!

It’s easy to forget what the world looks like from a child’s point of view, magical and full of exciting possibilities. How and when we learn to see it from an “adult” point of view I don’t really know, but somehow in the process of life a person loses their ability to see things from a child’s eyes and replaces it with a more narrow, confined point of view. I wonder what we lose in the process. One of the many blessings of raising children is moments like “The Dead Sea Squirrels”, when as adults we get a brief view back into the mind of a child and a chance to remember for a moment what it was like when the world didn’t have to play by the rules of logic.


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