Yipes! Last night, we were at a party at a family member’s pool. The kids had spent a couple of hours swimming around happily, after several months of lessons they are all swimming to one degree or another and love the water. Later on in the evening, we were all out of the pool and dressed and getting ready to eat dinner. Tzu Tza (our 3 year old) was playing with a beach ball, suddenly we heard a splash….you guessed it, she had fallen in the pool! Praise God for those swimming lessons. She fell right into the deepest part of the pool, a good yard away from the edge and fully dressed. But she knew what to do! She kept her little head above the water and swam for the side, all the time yelling “Help! Help!” at the top of her little voice. Luckily the nearest adult was only a few yards away from the pool, and within minutes she was safe and sound (although wet and scared!). I am so thankful my little one is OK, and so glad that we’ve been doing the swimming lessons this year! It is hard not to go down the “what if” road…what if I’d decided to wait to do lessons until she was older, what if we hadn’t had the money to get them lessons or had decided they were not worth the expense, what if this had happened last year instead of this year, what if no one had been there to help her get out. But I’m not going to think about that, it’s too terrible and you just can’t think too much about how tenuous life is–the truth is we’re all here because that’s where God wants us, and despite our best laid plans and most careful attention that can all change in an instant. God was watching over us, pure and simple. What could easily have been an unthinkable tragedy turned out to be a gentle reminder of how precious life is and how much we should protect and value it. So very, very close! Oh, life can change completely in such a short time–we are so blessed to have our sweet child safe and sound. Thank you, God!

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