1. Oh miss E –

    You tell it when you are ready. Just because you write it, doesn’t mean you need to share it; but, you know that the process of getting it onto paper is gonna help work it through the nooks-n-crannies of your big ole heart.

    It’s your story. It’s HIS story. Don’t worry about what others will think or say, just tell it. With every piece of writing, the reader takes from it what they can. And they filter that through their personal experiences… so oftentimes it’s not about what we write, it’s about telling our story so someone else can work out their own.

    Is that confusing or what? Blame it on the clunked head.


  2. Whether you’re writing it all out, right now, or not, I’m thankful that you can say: I’m glad I experienced it; I’m glad I went through it; I survived it; I’m stronger for it. I’m in a similar place, I think; I’m drawing near the end of the hardest year of my life. Your words give me hope that I’ll look back and say: thank You, Lord, for that year and who it made me.

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