Some Sweet Reminders

The box came right away, so quickly that it was not at all on my radar and it took me a moment to realize what was sitting on our doorstep…a package from Dayspring, containing items for me to review for (in)spired Deals!  I brought it in and set it on my kitchen table.

I know it may sound strange, but it was like a little ray of sunshine for me to see that package.  I don’t thrive this time of year…the landscape is brown and gray, the weather dreary, the sun too far away.  I’ve been suffering from a lack of words, and writing has not come easily. The opportunity to try out some Dayspring items and get to write about them was one that really raised my spirits! The girls were curious, excited to see what was in the little brown cube.  I made us all wait a day…I wanted to have plenty of time to savor this little treat properly.  The box sat on the table, and the anticipation built.

The next morning was much like the last…the sun wearily struggling to make it through all that white/gray, diffused and weak.  But we had something special to do.  Honestly?  It was a little hard for me to let the girls open the package instead of doing it myself.  But their delight was even better than getting to cut through that packing tape myself…isn’t that the best thing about a gift?

And inside:  Sunshine!  I know that God loves me and that I am precious to Him.  It’s my mantra, it has so blessed me that I do my best to spend as much time as I can telling other women in my life the same thing…blogging about it, writing about it, through email and facebook, talking earnestly over a cup of warm coffee.  I was even blessed by a chance last month to give a room full of women that very message.  It’s on my heart, because…honestly?  Sometimes I know how much God loves me, but I don’t know how much God loves me.  Does that make sense?  I. Need. Reminding. Maybe we all do.

Can a little thing like a few words on canvas, a coffee cup, really make a difference?  I don’t know what answer I would have given you a few days ago, but today I am telling you:  Yes!  You know, I think we need to be reminded about that.  I think we need to surround ourselves with reminders about that…that God loves us perfectly, completely, passionately.  It makes a difference:  A bouquet of flowers on the mantle, a note of encouragement written on pretty paper, a coffee cup with a gentle reminder that “She didn’t have to be perfect because she was….Perfectly Loved.”

The cups are pretty, they feel good in your hand.  And they remind me that the perfection my heart wants to strive for is already there…but I don’t have to achieve it.  It’s there in the way God loves me, in the plan God has for me, and in the peace that waits for those who embrace His perfect Love.

I love the canvas block, too…the message is “Loved by God, just as I am.  Made in His image, part of His plan” It is sturdy, a solid block rather than canvas over a frame.  Although you can hang it on the wall, I chose to place it on a table in our dining room by the clock. It is heavy and wide enough that there’s no danger of it tipping over…and it looks good next to the jar of red ribbons and Chinese words that hung at a friend’s baby shower, she is adopting a toddler this month from China.  And a package of forget-me-not seeds…. sweet promises of Spring and new beginnings.

The cups came with cute gift tags, in individual boxes.  They would make amazing gifts for a friend (what about hosting a book study with Holley Gerth’s new book, “You’re Already Amazing,” and gifting the participants with these matching mugs!).  And there are other canvas blocks with encouraging messages available at Dayspring, so you can scatter these sweet reminders throughout your home.

There are blessings in the little things in life, in the beautiful reminders that God loves you…He cares about every tiny detail in your day, and He wants you to remember that you are loved in a way not even fully comprehensible to us.  I love how God orchestrates things, that I have spent the last weeks in thought about how God loves us, how God’s love changes us, and how his perfect love calls us to action.  And in the mail, here was a sweet reminder of that very thing…a reminder that pulls my heart back when the rush and push of the world makes me forget.  It gives me something else to look forward to, meeting God in the quiet moments before the day begins– The Bible, a cup of dark, warm coffee….and on the cup a scarlet word reminding me that I’m not just meeting Him here, but that He was also waiting for me.

Dayspring provided me with the chance to review these items by sending them to me for free.  The opinions above represent my own thoughts on these products.  You know what?  I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity!  

2 thoughts on “Some Sweet Reminders

  • March 9, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Good night, girl, I woulda opened the box from the bottom whilst the kids slept and then taped it back up before morning!

    Love the little heart inside the mug.

    Wow, we’ve been so much about functional and fortitude around here that I almost forgot how much I miss the beauty on mantles.


  • March 22, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    Oh me too! All of it! I received the same box you did in the same season you did and your line, “Sometimes I know how much God loves me, but I don’t know how much God loves me. Does that make sense?” Absolutely…
    And I love your idea of hosting a study of this book and gifting the mugs!


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