1. Rissa,

    Nice to meet you! I’m hopping over from the IP link up. I enjoyed your way of writing. I could hear strains of other styles in there too, and it pulled me in. Thanks.

    Wow, what a powerful question your man got asked, and how tender to hear the answer. This must have been the first time at this shelter? Think you’ll have a chance to go back?

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Anonymous

    Jennifer, I found my way here via Wellness mama somehow and I really am moved by your writing style. I was touched by your post about the kids growing so quickly and reminded to get the scrapbooking done! You are blessed to have an understanding and sensitive husband. Thanks for your honest and poignant messages. I, too, have longings that seem to leap out at the page and I had to stop due to opening a healthy foods store but aim to return in a few months.
    Cindy cindyswritings@wordpress.com

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