1. You are my neighbor at imperfect prose today. I’m so sorry for your grief at the emptiness left by your foster children. Thank you for expressing it so eloquently. “little robes from the fabric of my grief”–so beautiful a turn of phrase. I feel your heartache in these words. May the Father of mercies comfort you in your affliction. Only He can, but He can indeed make beach glass out of this.

  2. Your post lead me to this prayer out of Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word:

    “The Lord will do great things for me, and I will be filled with joy. I will sow in tears, then I will reap with songs of joy. If I go out weeping, carrying seeds to sow, I will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with me. (Psalm 126: 3, 5-6) O God, please help me to be willing to sow the seed of Your Word and water it with my years, believing You even in the midst of terrible pain. If I do, You will be faithful to fill me with joy again. You will faithfully bring a harvest forth from my life. My suffering will not be in vain.”

    Welcome to SDG.

  3. Linked up behind you at Imperfect Prose. Bless you for loving those 2 foster kids. I can feel your grief and I am praying that God will indeed comfort you and that you will see our resurrected Lord bring new life out of this death/loss. Only He can. Bless you.

  4. oh, friend. I feel your heart here. and this? “Maybe I need to just sit down, let the water wash over us, add the salt of my tears to the waves that wash over it all.” yes, maybe it is time to rest. all the best to you and your family.

  5. this is hard…i am sorry and glad the foster kids had your love…and the shells and glass they both come…i am encouraged by the end in the realization that tip toe-ing around the glass still leaves it there on the beach…when the broken places can be made something beautiful..

  6. Thank you for sharing at this point in the journey. You know, I think I have a fear of grief.

    I’ve been wondering what to do with the shards. This helped me: “Maybe I need to give up trying to pick my way around it and let God in His time wash the sharp edges off the brokenness, turn the ugly shards of hurt into polished gems of beach glass.”

    ..especially the “in His time” part.

  7. Miss E. –

    I am sorry I missed this when it was first posted. (My bad.) Ya know, I don’t do that email, follow, subscribe thing so sometimes it’s hit or miss with me–even with my dearest friends.

    You and yours are such an inspiration.

    Don’t let the enemy rob you of what you did with your Jesus skin on. Rejoice in the beauty of it. The seeds that were planted. The love that was shared. All that.

    And know you are held in palm of His hand. All of the time.


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