Princess Tea Party Layout

You can see this one in my slideshow already, but I wanted to share it anyway. The photo was taken when Sarah was about 4, and she was the tea party princess! I love all the fun elements and papers in digital scrapbooking, there’s an endless variety of really cute and pretty things to choose from. Sometimes, though, I like just doing a simple layout with a plain background and some Photoshop brushes. This one makes me smile, because I can still see little Sarah with her rubber toys, Snake and Lizard, at the table having a tea party. “Would you care for some tea, Yizard?” Snake would say. “Why yes I would, ‘Nake“. The party would go on and on, with Sarah lisping out cute little polite tea conversation for her toys. She still has Snake and Lizard, by the way. They’re in the ashtray of the car, where she can play with them every time we drive somewhere. Their tastes run more toward space exploration than tea parties lately, but they’re reliable old friends!

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