Power Pops

It’s summer! It went from rain, cold and snow to temperatures in the high 90’s and even 100’s in something like a week. I thought I’d share a recipe for Power Pops with you…the kids love them, they are easy to make and they are really healthy! It’s nice to think they are getting a frozen treat and also a lot of good nutrition at the same time.

Oh, and by the way…the green chair in the photo is our new thrift store find. Ten bucks, and I love the funky, antique look it has. It’s not actually old and it’s not actually leather…but for ten bucks, who can resist? It’s cozy.

Power Pops:

I make the kids a smoothie as a treat and then freeze half of it as popsicles for later. Here’s what’s in the smoothie (recipe is doubled so that you can freeze half):

2 cups frozen peach slices
2 cups frozen cherries (or use 4 cups frozen fruit of your choice!)
1 cup yogurt (we use goat yogurt, or use cow’s milk or soy…or substitute with 1/2 cup fruit juice 1/2 cup ice)
1 cup milk, juice or water (we use goat milk or water, you can adjust this to get a thinner or thicker drink)
2 packages Zip Fizz immune formula (we like the Tropical Fruit flavor)
2 tbsp. liquid acidophiles
2 bananas
2 tbs. fructose or sugar (optional…we use it because we use unsweetened yogurt and it’s a little too tangy without it)

Throw everything but the Zip Fizz into the blender and puree until very smooth. Then add the Zip Fizz and blend well again. Serve the smoothie in cups, and then pour the remaining drink into a popsicle mold (using our molds, we got 8 pops out of the remaining smoothie, but it depends which molds you use!). Freeze until solid and enjoy!

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