1. Oh my word, miss RissaRoo – I think my man & I had the twin set of golden (baby poop yellow) machines!

    And are you serious about the basement being someone else’s apartment? Oh my word.

    Laundry mats – wow, used ’em in college and just last year whilst our stuff was in storage. Yikes.


  2. Darlene, wow! We’re Lady Kenmore twins! I wonder whose idea that harvest gold color was…your description of it is all too apt.

    Natasha, glad you laughed and glad/sad you can relate. Laundromats are quite interesting places.

    Gretchen, thanks for hosting the Laundry Week! And I’m getting lots of ideas from your posts and your link-up, taking notes for the day when laundry and I finally make friends.

  3. Ah, laundry…laundromats. I grew up with laundromats, too, because the farm I grew up on didn’t produce enough water for the washing machine, or so my father said. At any rate, my mom hauled the laundry and me to the small-town laundromat and we filled washers with clothes and the slots with quarters and did a bunch at once, with a fair amount of sitting around reading library books.

    My mom discovered about ten or 15 years ago that the local small-town laundromat, the same one we went to when I was young, would do her laundry for cheap. So she and my dad in their retirement drive over once a week, drop it off, and pick it up a day later all washed, dried, and folded. Easy.

    Do you live near a small town?

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