My Husband…My Hero!

Picture: Andrew and Maddy when she was a pup

Andrew is taking a test for work today…a very BIG test for work! I am so proud of him. This test-taking stuff is very difficult for anyone, the tests he’s taken (and passed!) in the last few years include the Series 7 (made famous by the movie “Pursuit of Happyness“) and the series 63, plus a pre-test for the one he’s taking today. These tests launched him into a career in finance, which has its ups and downs but has really improved our quality of life.

The ironic thing about all this is that Andrew has always hated studying. In fact, it used to drive me crazy (me being the type of person who *did* have to study in College) because Andrew would often not even buy the textbooks for his classes at the University! He has the type of brain that can do that, he’d make sure that the prof. lectured right from the textbook, then he’d proceed to show up for class and listen….and pass without studying at all. This worked for him (although it made me very nervous to watch!). However, nobody is going to pass the Series 7 financial test without studying….a LOT! So he learned to study right along with learning all that material…the books he read were the size of phone books and honestly…they were far less interesting to read than your average phone book. Well, that’s my opinion, anyway.

And he passed! The test he’s taking now is harder to pass, however. It’s the CEP Level I, as far as I can understand it stands for Certified Equities Professional…but I could be wrong about that. The gist is, it qualifies him to work in company stock options (like the stock part of a benefit’s package). There are 2 more tests after this one for full certification. Sigh. There’s only a 60% pass rate on this one, and it’s going to cost some $$$ if he has to re-take it. He has been handling the stress wonderfully, and he is my hero for being willing and able to make these changes and work this hard in order to keep our family afloat. It’s a lot…a whole lot…of stress on his shoulders and he has done all this while still being an amazing husband and a very hands-on, fun loving dad. Plus, while studying for this last test he’s started playing Bass for the band at our church…not an easy undertaking in itself, learning all those new songs. Whether he passes this one on the first try or not, Three Cheers For Andrew!!!

Picture: Andrew’s study guides for the CEP test…well marked!

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  • June 8, 2008 at 1:27 am

    hip hip hooray for Andrew! I know he did his very best and God has wonderful things instore for your family! Enjoy this time after the many months of study!


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