More trip photos

We’re back! Time to unpack and settle in again. We had so much fun! I’m getting together some stories and fun things to share from our trip, and I haven’t forgotten the gluten free menu (hopefully that’ll be done later today or tomorrow, we are of course out of food completely and I have no menu planned yet!).

Here are the photos…

Rachel outside at my dad and Jan’s house

Me on the deck (with the kite in the sky above me)

Sparklers on the fourth of July

More Sparklers!

The biggest Western Redwood tree in this part of the country

4 thoughts on “More trip photos

  • July 12, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    Your photos are wonderful! and we are soo glad you had such a godd time but our favorite line of this post is “We’re back! Time to unpack and settle in again” however we would add “and see our wonderful friends the McDowell’s” hehe.


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