More Gratitude

I am thankful….

8. For friends who love me even when I am too busy or too cantankerous.

9. For the food allergies and intolerances that have made me evaluate every bite that my family eats, and forced me to learn how to feed my family better.

10. For the fact that my kids are learning to clean their rooms, and it takes less time every week for it to be done well.

11. For the fact that my kids love music.

12. For the fact that my five year old asked me last week…”Mom, what’s a Happy Meal?”

13. That we get to spend time every year in Idaho with my dad and mom, enjoying time with them as a family in the quiet of the rolling farmland, remembering how to breathe.

Photos: Gluten free Oatmeal-Seed bread on our “You are Special” plate, Sarah’s bed, Isaiah’s music corner, Rachel enjoying some fruit, the farmland by my father’s house.

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