Missions Update

Hubby took this picture here in town…I love it!

From the Euro 08 Blog


This is a comment from Anthony Testa, one of the pastors from the il rifugio church in Italy. This is about a man named Antonio that came to the first concert we played in the Piazza. There is a lot to his story, but now he has started a new chapter in his life! Antonio had never been to the church before and God was defiantly tugging at his heart! God is good in His promises!


This is the message from Anthony:


I hope this makes it to you one way or another. Last night at prayer it was just Tony (Chinese believer in the church), Antonio (who came to all the concerts & Sunday service) and I. I figured that God was doing something since we generally draw 10-20 people at these gatherings.

Antonio opened up to us and began to share his hurts, his past and his need for Jesus. Tony & I reviewed the gospel with him, he’s heard it about 6 times in the past week and then asked him what would stop him from placing his trust in Jesus. He joyfully said, “NOTHING!”.

We then prayed and he prayed. I think he finally found the forgiveness that he’s been looking for! Praise Jesus. Please pray for him. I hope to connect with him tomorrow for coffee—a small coffee that you don’t sip in a plastic cup!

I love you all and miss you dearly. Praise God for our partnership in the gospel.


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