1. Just as messy…yes. And broken, too. So why is it so hard sometimes to relate, extend compassion? There are some days I just think; Lord– now would be an excellent time to wrap this whole thing up and call it a night. And then, I’m surprised by how much beauty lives in the brokenness, as well.

    Thank you for commenting!

  2. Quite a story. You told it beautifully. May God be with that three-year-old…and his mother…and the people at the WIC office…and you…and, really, just all of us.

  3. ugh…what a broken world we live in…i was right there with..have been right there…and i pray for these kids and for the families to rise up to meet them….

  4. I have been in an environment like the one you have written about.. I find peace knowing that Jesus is everywhere. Residing in hearts like yours and even calling to the broken woman in the parking lot. He knows her aches, her pains. He knows where her anger stems from. I have to believe He is calling out to His children, the lost, the found.. Every minute of everyday. Jesus is there. Thank you for sharing this post. Blessings.

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