And now for something completely different….

I am a complete failure at SIMS. Sarah got a SIMS pets program for the Wii, and after a very long time we managed to figure out how to create a Sims family. A couple with a dog and two cats (we had to try on every outfit, every nose, and every body piercing before we finally landed on a vanilla sort of family that looks remarkably like…us). It was pretty good quality time for awhile there, because we enjoyed playing around with the characters and making up personalities for the people, different markings for the animals, and setting up {imaginary} house.

Well, when I last left our Sims family they were wandering around on an island, the site of their future home. It’s, um, a work in progress. The dog has already had to be revived once (we couldn’t figure out how to ‘play’ with her and she languished away, poor thing). One cat has run away (luckily for us it’s an island, she can’t have gone far…) and the Sims couple has done nothing but argue because they are tired, hungry, and bored. We have built a house….sort of. It has four walls, it has some nice wood flooring, it has five rooms.

The female half of our Sims couple has to pee. Bad. The house has a bathroom, and it even has a toilet. However, due to an oversight on the construction committee (that would be me and Sarah) the house is missing……doors. Not just the part of the door that swings open and shut…there are simply no openings in the walls of the house at all! So our Sims character is wandering around in great discomfort with no relief in sight, while her husband is stomping around in a black funk and appears to be swearing up a blue streak in some incomprehensible computer language that sounds like a cross between Greek and Cantonese. One cat has fled the scene, the other is wasting away with hunger and neglect and the dog has dug a hole right in the middle of the island that, if the dog doesn’t die of starvation first, may cover the entire island before somebody figures out how the heck to make a door in one of the walls in the Sims house….preferably the bathroom wall.

This game stresses me out. However, I do find myself being more thankful than usual for my bathroom door!

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