So my brilliant, wonderful labradoodle decided it was a great idea to chew open a box of miracle grow! Yea. We had no idea how much she might haven eaten/gotten in her mouth, so I called the vet. Do you know how much it costs to have a professional make your dog vomit… after office hours?!? $75 for the visit, $45 for the vomit-inducing shot, and $35 to clean the puke up. No joke. I just about asked them if they’d hire me to be their official dog vomit cleaner, I have tons of experience and hey…$35 an hour ain’t bad!

We tried salt, which made her gag but no action. Hurrah for youtube, I found a video demonstrating (!) how do do it….So the million dollar answer is: 2 tbs. of hydrogen peroxide for a 60 pound dog, wait 15 minutes and if they don’t barf try again. Suffice to say, the first dose worked all too well…judging by the contents of her stomach (who knew a dog’s gut could hold THAT MUCH?) there was no miracle grow ingested anyway….whew, crisis averted! The cleanup was really fun. Wish somebody would have shown up to pay me 35 dollars…..gag.

Next question….how to make a dog’s owner vomit. Hint…it has something to do with watching your dog vomit for 10 minutes, then cleaning it up. Well, you learn something new every day!

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