1. Great review. You mentioned all the reasons we started with k12 but are not still using it. I found the secularism such a strain on me as the teacher.

    Trying to rearrange the lessons, add or delete content, just became too much and wasn’t worth it anymore.

    We really hated the changes in the math curriculum. Where that subject had once been my son’s strength, now became tedious. His Language Arts skills did improve with k12, but I was sorry to see his math skills decline.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this program. Blessings!

  2. Lynda, I think if we were only doing K12 and the older kids were still doing it, the secular nature of the program would get to me a lot worse! As it is, we are able to just use the parts of it that are working for Youngest.

    If money were not an issue, we’d have gone with something else for sure! What grades did you use K12 for? How long did you last with it?

  3. Another home schooling mom!! YAY!
    I am a home school graduate. I am so grateful that my mother and father decided to home school me and my 5 younger siblings from the start. I do not regret a thing about it! Sounds like you are doing a great job!
    Keep it up!!

  4. KatieJay! I love hearing this. Makes me so happy to hear that you are a homeschool graduate and that you’re glad your parents chose this for you. Sometimes we parents need to hear that! Blessings to you and thank you so much for your comment!

    Lynda, thanks for your input! Funny how different parts of the curriculum work or don’t work for different kids. This is a great reminder that we just need to keep evaluating what works and what doesn’t with our little ones and adjust accordingly…what a blessing that as homeschoolers we can do that! Curriculum mis-fit can sure wreck havoc on a school year, can’t it!

  5. Melissa

    We started our homeschooling journey with k12.com as a public online school. It was a great way for us to get started in the transition to home from brick and mortar. I was devastated when it wasn’t available as a free option where we were moving too. Glad we were able to use it, they actually do incorporate Bible stories as “a good work of literature” that should be included in reading 😉
    We were pretty happy with the elementary math. History was very engaging and detailed, helped to prep them for more indepth learning at Jr High/High school level. (we used as young as 2nd grade up through the 6th grade level)
    I TOTALLY agree that it is way too much to pay for as a “private” school option. Money is much better spent in other curriculum. We’ve personally used My Father’s World (not a favorite for us) and A Beka Book (we like and the older kids use their teaching DVD’s). We have also happily used products from the BJU press.
    We do like being more flexible with the learner and placing kids of different ages together for learning. Every year is different and a wonderful journey to be on!
    I can really appreciate learning from others what their challenges and victories are and what experience they have with various curriculum. Thank You for the post.

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