1. Praying for you and yours!! My cousin has struggled with Dyslexia her entire life, so I know how frusterating it can be. But know that my prayers are with you!!

    Megan@ A story unfolding

  2. She is so blessed to have you as a Mom and teacher. I am inspired by your determination to help her and your love. Hugs and prayers my friend for your journey!

  3. Anonymous

    I struggle with this daily if not hourly (I had to run this threw SP check) not all minds are alike in contrast to 60% of the world thinks!

  4. So sorry I am just getting here to read this and comment. It has been crazy here.

    My heart goes out for you. I know EXACTLY what you and your daughter are going through. Just wanted to give you an idea of where my son is at now. He is in sixth grade and now reading at a beginning 3rd grade level. Even though he is 3 grades behind in his reading he doesn’t realize it fully. That is the beauty of homeschooling.

    It sounds like you are on the right track with her.

    I had to smile about the part with her super activeness during school time! We went through that too! Those first 3-4 years were horrendous in that way! We took a lot of breaks to try to help him burn off some of that energy and to help him re-focus after particularly difficult sessions.

    I’m glad to find another mom going through this. We will definitely have to keep in touch.

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