1. Oh my land, this is tender & beautiful & breaking, all at once.

    And it’s often in these moments that we give ourselves permission to love well and not be distracted.

    Love and hugs to you and yours, miss Erica.


  2. Oh girl …

    So many gems here. The lining of that nest with feathers, that’s the image sticking with me. And this:

    “This is not martyerdom, nor an exceptional act of great mercy. This is simply a part of the gift.”

    Thank you for that reminder, that the day itself is a gift — not the act of accomplishing what is on our agenda.

    I appreciate you.

  3. I wanted to tell you which of the sentences written here I liked best, but the truth is I love the whole post and mostly the last 3 paragraphs. Our to-do list doesn’t always match God’s to-do list, and that can be so hard for me to grasp somedays. I totally understand what you mean when you say you feel you have a right to a shower or more sleep or a few uninterrupted blogging minutes……but really do we? God’s got so much more for us than that…..

    just beautiful….

  4. Thank you, ladies…he is doing much better now, I am thankful for that but also for the reminder of how slowing down and accepting that new speed can be a blessing. Funny how easy it is to forget that!

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