Gratitude Journal…Kitten Edition

All things bright and beautiful….

Starting a new curriculum today, canning tomato sauce and preparing the house to be painted. We have a litter of kittens, courtesy of the stray who adopted us earlier this Summer…they are nearly ready to go home and have been impossibly cute. Grateful for many things today, but the photos are just: Cute Cats. They’ll go to their new homes soon, but we have sure enjoyed them!

339. For the light in Autumn
340. For Indian Summer

341. For home-preserved plum jelly that reminds me of mom

342. For bounty waiting to be put away

343. For a peeling house, that looks bad outside but is cozy in

344. For the new school year

345. And for quiet mornings

346. For new songs discovered

347. For finding a place to use your gift

348. For the other blogs I read that inspire hearts

349. For the chance to sit still and listen

350. For every day, a chance to be different

351. For all these soft, furry balls of fun
352. And their stray-cat mother, now family

353. For the fact that we no longer have a rodent problem (although we seem to have a cat infestation!)

354. For tiny whiskers

355. And a pile of soft, sweet love purring on your lap.

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