Gratitude Journal…Beautiful Broken

No photos of my own to post today…just these shafts of rainbow-light captured by Youngest in the early morning sun.  The light was pouring through the window, casting itself about the house in strings and lines and waves of color.  Beautiful, simple light…broken by the prisms of an oval leaded glass, shattered into rainbow pieces that danced on floors and walls and captured the attention of a little heart looking for beauty, ready to appreciate the gift of a thousand dancing rainbows swinging near the break of day.  Oh, the fractured beauty of the rainbow…its glowing bravely against the gray, showing clearly how things broken can be the most beautiful of all.

And this is how I knew who the beauty seeker was….a lover of grace, with pig-tails and Swedish Fish teeth.

Thank you, Lord, with all my heart…

421.  For small beauty-seekers, finding grace in everyday moments
422.  For friends who gather, lift each other up
423.  For one sweet family who sets off today on a new adventure…how we will miss them, how we treasure each one of them.
424.  For the bands of believers who play music to Him, for their hearts and friendship
425.  For the chaos of many young children playing night games outside, as the wind rushes through the trees and leaves tumble
426.  For the bittersweet of friends leaving, friendships growing, the blessing of hearts shared
427.  For projects getting finished, wrapped up before the snow falls
428.  For the blessing…oh the blessing…of being surrounded by people who love you
429.  For the beauty in the brokenness
430.  For the close of one thing, the beginning of another….

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  • October 18, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Hahaha, Swedish fish??? Are they called that??? Haha, didn’t know that!!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement on my blog today. I needed that!!!


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