Gratitude Journal

I am thankful for God’s blessings….

14. For our dog, who found one of the kids’ stuffed animals in the yard this morning and brought it to the front door…she refused to stop barking or go away until she’d delivered the animal safe and sound to my hands!

15. For Dawn, who is (patiently) teaching me to sew outfits that the kids will actually wear.

16. For our wonderful church family. What an amazing blessing!

17. For the slats of sunlight that are peering through the gaps in our fence, painting the front yard with yellow stripes.

18. For the weeping mulberry tree, with its long drooping arms full of wide green leaves…perfect for hiding and secret clubhouses.

19. For the toys in the yard…proof that small children live and play here.

20. For the pogo stick marks on our concrete…and for the fact that there have been no more unfortunate pogo stick mishaps this summer!

Photos taken 8-18-08: Maddy, and the salvaged stuffed animal, Mocha Hahnus Mini. Slats of morning light through our fence. The drooping branches of the weeping mulberry tree. Rachel’s bike. Semi-circular marks in the concrete made by the pogo stick.

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