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Gratitude: Grat*i*tude, n. The state of being grateful; thankfulness.

I am starting a gratitude journal! I found this idea at a wonderful blog, Holy Experience.
Find the Gratitude Community here, and more info about keeping a gratitude journal here. Ann Voskamp is a published writer, homeschool mother of six, farmer’s wife, and an amazing photographer. I highly recommend reading her blog!

On to the journal!

Entry One:

Thank you, Lord, for all the amazing things you have given me! My life is overflowing with your beauty, your love, your gifts. I am amazed and overwhelmed by your kindness, your creation abounds in breathtaking beauty and splendor!

My gratitude journal, starting at number one but from here on out not in any particular order….

I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart… Psalm 86:12

1. I am thankful that through Your sacrifice I will one day see Your face in heaven!2. I am thankful for my loving, Christian husband3. I am thankful for my son, Isaiah
3. I am thankful for my daughter, Sarah4. I am thankful for my daughter, Rachel5. I am thankful for my rose garden

6. I am thankful for the fruit that is ripening on our trees and bushes

7. I am thankful for the flowers that are blooming, even in this dry time of year

Photos: The cross cut-out on our oak table, which was made by my father in law. Andrew with the cat. The kids, all taken today in the morning light from our library window. The flowers and fruit, taken this morning in our yard.

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  • August 15, 2008 at 1:52 am

    Your husband and Isaiah look so much alike. What a beautiful family. Your garden is amazing. I’m trying very hard not to covet.


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