1. Beautifully written Erica, I love your details and descriptions. I do wish that the story ended with the end of the story – just because I feel your added comments in the description adds so much truth to the memory – not that the rest isn’t truth. But it gives the view of the significant moment of the first time to have him inside. But that might be my pie in the sky side coming out 😀

  2. Thanks! I struggled a little with whether to put the last part in. Two things made me not…the first is purely practical, I was only supposed to write 200 words or less and I’d clearly already done that (you know me!). The second, more introspective…the story, in my mind, is the story of the brief desegregation of my grandparents’ kitchen. I’m afraid it would probably be pie in the sky to make it more…as much as I wish it were otherwise! So I hesitated to end it that way and give the impression that it stayed that way. I don’t know…I think I’ll probably re-write it, forget about the restriction in length and try again with the whole story. Thanks for the input!

  3. I totally didn’t follow the instructions when I did this, but the challenge led me continue to try to heal from some things, so I ended just writing what I needed to write. This is so beautiful and I can picture all that you write.

  4. I like how you let the details of the story create the answer to the question (rather than philosophizing about issues of ethnicity). It is so powerful this way.

    Oh, so glad you shared this.

  5. Thank you, L.L.! I completely forgot to tag it with any poetry identifies, so double thanks are in order. Make that triple…thanks again for the idea starter, as usual it has been fun to see what others have written!

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