I was thinking about this today: God loves you. It may seem like a really simple and contrite statement, and perhaps part of that is because we’re a little too used to seeing those words blazoned on bumper stickers, T shirts, and cutesy little teddy bears, surrounded by little red hearts. Although I am certain that wasn’t the intention, making it into a slogan may have reduced the power of those words a little. God loves you! How can a person even begin to comprehend what that means?

Think for a moment….right now, at this minute. Think of the people who you have loved, those who are here today and even those who have passed on. Think of a person whom you’ve loved with the most pure, total love you were ever capable of. The sort of love that fills you up, makes you a better person, brings out the best in everything you do. The sort of love that makes you feel safe, feel cherished, feel beautiful and full. Think how, when you are away from that person you long for them, you miss them, you wish that they were there with you. Who is that person? Is it your spouse? Your children? A friend? Your mother or father? Maybe the person who came to your heart has died, and you have longed to see them and missed them with a deep and cutting sadness, for months, years, even decades.

Now imagine that right now, you hear a light knock at your door. The person you were thinking of just now walks through the door! Never mind how long it’s been, never mind what the last words you spoke were, never mind how far away they were a moment ago. Here is that person you love so much! What do you do? How do you feel? Do you run to them, throw your arms around them, revel in their being there with you now? Do you rejoice?

God’s love for you is greater than even the greatest love we’ve experienced here on Earth. It is more intense than the deepest friendship, more passionate than the best love affair, more loyal than the closest friendship, more pure than the sweetest mother’s love! It surpasses anything we can imagine. God’s pain when we are separated from Him is deeper and more sorrowful than the greatest anguish we have ever felt here on Earth, too. He knows every hair on our heads. He knit us in our mothers’ wombs. He knows every thought, every feeling, every moment of our lives. He understands everything about us! Any love here on Earth will fall short of that. He has an endless capacity to forgive us! Any love here on Earth, no matter how good…can’t measure up to that. God loves us, and he loves us like nobody else ever could. Perfectly!

How would God feel if you were to walk through his door right now? Perhaps you’ve been gone a long time. God is eternal….time is nothing to him! He will welcome you with open arms. Perhaps you have sinned against him and you are worried he won’t want you anymore. God is bigger than sin! Ask him and he will forgive you, and rejoice at your return. Perhaps you are living in a way that you know God wouldn’t approve of, and you are having a hard time letting that go. Give it to God! He knows your heart, if you give it to him he will find a way to fill that space with something good…better than you could imagine. He will rejoice when he sees you seeking him, he will welcome you, whether you are going to him for the first time, returning after an absence, or checking in with him for the hundredth time today. God Loves You!

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