1. Okay, we make something similar, only we use fruit and more fruit. Blend some ‘naners glop into mould, alternating with some blueberries or other fruit. That’s it.

    But hey, I cannot find my moulds (imagine that!) so we just freeze banana slices and then blend those for “soft serve.”

    About milking rice…whenever I teach a health class on the dangers (oh, don’t throw things at me) of dairy, I always ask, “Who started milking cows anyway? Why don’t you go milk your cat?” And of course I imitate with lovely gestures and sounds how one milks a cat. Then I end with, “Baby cows drink cow milk, baby cats drink cat milk, baby giraffes drink giraffe milk. Babies humans drink mother’s milk. Me? I drink rice or almond milk.” Guess that makes me a nut!

    Okay, I know you wanted that story. Come see me and I will act it out.

    By the way, your photos are marvelous. Teach me how to do that.


  2. Ha! Love the milk lecture. I’ve heard a similar one about how cow’s milk is designed to take a 30 pound calf up to a 500 some-odd pound cow in a year or less. Hmmmm….does make you think!

    And the photos…blush…well, I’ll show you how I take mine if you’ll show me how you do such beautiful shots of flowers and such breathtaking landscapes!

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