Gluten and Dairy Free Pudding Pops!

We’re in the dog days of Summer, I’m sure of it. It’s hot outside! So the girls and I decided to make a sweet, cool treat to combat the Summer doldrums. Yes, I know I was wishing for boredom just a week ago, but apparently children get bored much faster than adults!

These yummy treats are gluten, dairy, soy, egg and nut free! And they taste great, just like the creamy ice cream pops you’d buy at the store. We made chocolate-banana pops last week, and this week we are trying butterscotch-white chocolate. Note: If you’ve ever made pudding before, you know that what goes into pudding is milk, eggs, and flour. How do you make pudding without these key ingredients? If you’re you’re like me, you’d really rather not know. The ingredients on the box are largely unpronounceable, but hey…I can look past that every now and then, right?

Step one: Gather your ingredients. You’ll need two boxes of Kraft pudding mix. Check the box before you buy it…many are gluten, dairy, soy and egg free. Some of them are not, so don’t forget to check! Also, this is one case where brand name matters. I checked the store brand pudding mixes, and most of them did have dairy…so proceed with caution! You’ll also need a box of your favorite milk substitute. We chose rice milk (don’t ask me how they milk rice. I don’t want to know). You’ll also need 2 Popsicle molds.

Step two: Make the pudding according to the package directions, but use the milk substitute instead of real milk. We ended up with one “instant” package that just needed mixing, and one “stovetop” package that needed cooking. We used the microwave directions for that one…hey, we don’t care if the pudding sets up anyway since we’re freezing it, so quick is good here. Don’t bother to chill the pudding, either…unless you want pretty layered pops, in which case you can chill it to make it a little thicker.

Step three: Fill the Popsicle molds with 1/2 of one type of pudding.

Step four: Then fill them the rest of the way with the other type.

Step five: Freeze and enjoy!

My two helpers…

A moment of sisterly love (“What, don’t you trust me to fill them up?”)

Sarah fills the molds while Rachel samples the pudding.

Rachel samples the pudding while Sarah fills the molds….

Sarah concentrates on filling the molds

While Rachel makes sure the pudding is still up to par.

Sarah gives up and goes back to writing her Summer Magazine

Rachel finally gets down to business

And Sarah samples the pudding


3 thoughts on “Gluten and Dairy Free Pudding Pops!

  • August 4, 2010 at 1:30 am

    Okay, we make something similar, only we use fruit and more fruit. Blend some ‘naners glop into mould, alternating with some blueberries or other fruit. That’s it.

    But hey, I cannot find my moulds (imagine that!) so we just freeze banana slices and then blend those for “soft serve.”

    About milking rice…whenever I teach a health class on the dangers (oh, don’t throw things at me) of dairy, I always ask, “Who started milking cows anyway? Why don’t you go milk your cat?” And of course I imitate with lovely gestures and sounds how one milks a cat. Then I end with, “Baby cows drink cow milk, baby cats drink cat milk, baby giraffes drink giraffe milk. Babies humans drink mother’s milk. Me? I drink rice or almond milk.” Guess that makes me a nut!

    Okay, I know you wanted that story. Come see me and I will act it out.

    By the way, your photos are marvelous. Teach me how to do that.


  • August 4, 2010 at 2:08 am

    Ha! Love the milk lecture. I’ve heard a similar one about how cow’s milk is designed to take a 30 pound calf up to a 500 some-odd pound cow in a year or less. Hmmmm….does make you think!

    And the photos…blush…well, I’ll show you how I take mine if you’ll show me how you do such beautiful shots of flowers and such breathtaking landscapes!


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