Thank you to everyone who has taken interest in helping Mallory and Peach! I have been so touched by people’s willingness to help and their heart for these sweet girls. I have had so many conversations with friends about the conditions in orphanages in Eastern Europe over the last week, it is amazing how when your eyes are opened to the situation it is impossible to look away. It is a blessing how community comes together when there is a need, and how those of us who connect through blogs, facebook and twitter can suddenly realize that we are real to one another…that these connections are solid, true and deep. Together, we can make a difference!

On that note, the generous donor who was matching funds donated to Mallory and Peach’s cause has agreed to continue matching them until the giveaway is finished…July 2! What a blessing! So any donation you make will not only qualify you for the three gifts mentioned in the post below but will also be doubled.

I can’t wait to see those girls home with their family! Thank you to everyone who has already committed to helping, and here’s another shout-out….please post about Mallory and Peach on your blog, facebook, or twitter account! Let’s get the word out and help bring them home soon!

You can donate to the girls here or here. Or, head on over to their blog and click the links there!

Here’s a video detailing some of the situation in orphanages in Eastern Europe

God Bless!

Note: Please click pause on the music icon in the right sidebar so you can hear the video!

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