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Yep, another music post!

I have had quite a few people email to ask about the music  playing on this blog, and I’ve told you all a little about our involvement in worship music.  The artist who wrote and performed the song “Your Love Remains” is Steele Croswhite, he is also a pastor at our church and director of The Rock’s music ministry.  Steele left a career in secular rock music to follow God’s calling to produce excellent worship music for the glory of God, turning down a dream offer from the producer he had hoped to work with.  As a result of that hard choice, an amazing movement of music has been growing here….we have been so blessed to be a part of it.  It is life-changing to see how music that is directed to the Creator of Music (and not to the glory of anything or anyone else) can change lives.

Recently, Come & Live has picked up some of The Rock’s music and has put an album of music together for Free Download!  There are eight songs on this free album (including Your Love Remains).  Come & Live is a great resource, you can listen to and download free music from Christian artists from all over and you can read and learn more about the artists and what’s going on in the world of Christian music.  Here’s a bit from what Come & Live has about The Rock

 We believe Jesus Christ was the ultimate revolutionary for social and spiritual change. Our foundation is His Word, the Bible. We don’t water it down. We don’t take what’s convenient for us and forget the rest. We don’t add to it or subtract from it. We seek to incorporate His teaching and values into our everyday lives. We’re committed to loving our enemies, refusing to judge people, being kind, and treating others as we wish to be treated. We seek to love as God loves. As we celebrate God’s existence and the new life that is available through His Son, Jesus Christ, we hope to create an atmosphere where spiritual exploration and growth is nonthreatening and exciting, while helping to meet the real needs of real people.

I hope you will visit Come & Live and download some free music!  It’s a really great ministry and a blessing to musicians and music enthusiasts alike.  Also, you can find free song sheets, chords, and powerpoint to the music on the free download album on the Rock’s music website if you want to learn the songs, use them in church, or sing along!

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