Alright, I’ve got five minutes…if that…to write something. This little endevor has been shamefully (but not surprisingly) neglicted and so here goes, five minutes to write something about something. Well, now four minutes fifty three seconds.

I just re-read these posts and realized that I really need to work on speaking out about my faith. Right there in the title it says this blog is about homeschooling, FAITH etc. etc. and I have managed to mention very little about God and in truth, He’s on my mind very much and in each of the posts I’ve written I *could* have said so much more. The Awesome God we have deserves more than the slight mention he’s gotten in my writing here and that’s to my shame. I can write and I can speak, and those are gifts…and the use of them should go right back to the One who is responsible for their existance. Praise God! The creator of those three small wonders asleep in their beds, the One who keeps them afloat in the public pool far better than any swim lessons or life vest ever could, the one responsible for the hilarious fact that the static electricity generated by a small bottom running the length of a vinyl slide will make one’s hair stand on end. Praise Him!

Ah, four minutes 38 seconds and I’ve said more that’s important than in all previous posts put together. Amen!

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