At church one cold evening in December, my husband and I noticed a man sitting in front of us who somehow stood out. He was wearing an expensive ski coat, his salt-and-pepper hair was brushed back, and he stood in a distinguished fashion. As the last worship song played his broad shoulders shook a little. He cried quietly and my heart went out to him.
I’m not an outgoing person, so I struggled. What should I say? How to approach a total stranger? Would God provide words? I fought with myself, thinking, praying. As I did, the man stood up and walked out of the sanctuary. I summoned my courage, reciting what I’d say and do. I planned to get a cup of coffee, hand it to him and strike up a conversation. If he was leaving I wanted him to go knowing that somebody had cared for him.
I nervously poured the coffee, took a deep breath and walked over. At the last moment everything I’d planned to say dissipated, leaving just two words. ”God Bless,” I said and placed the cup in his hands. I looked up at his face, and the assumptions I’d made about him vanished…..
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