We celebrate the Passover, celebrate the feast God himself outlined to Moses in those early days, eat the meal Christ desired with great desire to eat with His friends…the last meal to pass his lips before he went to do the heartbreaking work that saved us.

We say the words that He said, follow the tradition that He followed, set the table that was set in an upper room some two thousand years ago.

We say the words to remember our deliverance, our freedom from slavery. We celebrate the shackles of Egypt removed, the burden of sin lifted. We thank Him for his good work.

Dayenu… would have been enough for us! We repeat these words as we reflect on the Hebrews’ trip from Egypt, the Red Sea’s wrenching asunder, delivering them up on safer shores.

Dayenu….it would have been enough for us! And I think of Him, and how it would have been enough, He could have stopped and at any point it would have been enough, more than we deserved.

If You had been born a humble baby, naked and cold in the dirt of a simple stable….

It would have been enough for us.

If You had bent down from Heaven, kissed the fallen soil of earth and submitted Yourself to the humiliating truth of being human….

It would have been enough for us.

If You had taught us in parables and told us stories about Your love, and shared Truth with the poor and suffering and the sinners among You while rebuking those who, in their arrogance, held the people down with religious bonds….

It would have been enough for us.

If You had gone to Jerusalem knowing your fate and walked down the lane of waving palms…. knowing that those who shouted Your Name did not understand why your feet were on this path….

It would have been enough for us.

If You had taken the blows of the lash, accepted the crown of thorns, and allowed them to spit on you and rape you with words of shame, though with one word you could have brought the wrath of Heaven upon them…

It would have been enough for us.

If You had died there, nailed to a tree, experiencing the rending of your soul when Your Father turned His back on You…if You had cried out in Your despair, forsaken and broken and spent entirely for us…

It would have been enough for us.

But You did this work to its completion, You went to Hell and back for us. The quiet of this Good Friday echoes still, yet still we find our hope in You because though we did not deserve it, You came back for us.

You rose again, You held out your hand to us, you opened Heaven’s door and swept clean the path for us to join You there.

It is enough for us. It is more than enough for us!

Dayenu, Thank you Jesus.

Some links for recipes we used this year…

Lamb braised in Pomegranate

Rosemary Roasted New Potatoes (split 1.5 lbs. new potatoes lengthwise, marinade with olive oil, sea salt and crushed rosemary, roast 25 minutes at 400 degrees)

Roasted Asparagus with Pine Nuts (marinade asparagus spears with olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt, Roast 10 minutes at 400 degrees)

Basil and Mint Pesto


Fourless Chocolate Cake with strawberries soaked in wine and pomegranate. Soak sliced strawberries overnight in wine and pomegranate juice, before serving drain juice into a sauce pan and reduce to make a syrup. Serve over the cake.

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