Chaos Cousins

My nephews have been in town and are leaving today. My oldest nephew, Elijah, spent his first 4 years just a quick drive away from us, and he and Isaiah grew up thinking they were twins! As toddlers, they even shared a language of their own. Now they live five hours away, and the boys don’t get to see each other very often. It’s a huge bummer, but they are still very close. They share similar interests, taste in music, and somehow have developed many of the same funny little quirks. When they get together, they just take up where they left off and dive right into the “chaos cousin” relationship as though no time had passed at all.

My sister in law commented on something this time around, though. When they saw each other for the first time again this trip, they lit up like little human light bulbs and ran to each other with huge grins on their faces, just like always. However, this time they are just old enough to be self conscious and their normal giant hug was aborted at the last minute. Instead, they just stood there about a foot apart, wiggling around and grinning and waving their hellos.

Where’d my baby go? The “Chaos Cousins” have cut teeth together, taken their first steps together, learned to speak together, skinned their knees, climbed trees, played countless games, and been through as many growing up trials as time and distance will allow together as a single unit of boy. Now, they are taking their first steps into the choppy waters of early adolescence together. It’s a bitter-sweet thing to behold.

For a birthday gift, I made this “Chaos Cousin Promo Poster”. The boys are really into playing the guitar, and some day hope to have a rock and roll band. I curbed the urge to put together a more sentimental “cousins through the years” digital scrapbook piece and instead did this more grown up, grungy poster using Photoshop brushes and photos taken during the visit. This is MY blog, though…so I added a picture of the boys as babies, too. Eleven is not really that old, and I know you’ve heard it a million times before…but Moms: Time Flies. Enjoy them while they are babies, because before you know it they will be big.

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