1. I had never even heard of a Seder dinner until 3 years when miss Jennifer Dukes Lee had a script, etc. on her blog. It’s so rich in history & HIStory. We did it that year but weren’t all together last year.

    How do we participate in a Seder dinner and not follow in the footsteps of legalism? Wouldn’t this be confusing for a new Believer? (just thinking aloud)


  2. That’s a great question, Darlene! Hm. Maybe fodder for a post. I think it depends on how you do it…and what you emphasize. When I talk to new believers, especially in the culture in which I live, I am all about how Jesus was a rule-breaker when it came to following laws without love. My favorite parts of the Seder are those where Jesus took a little part of the tradition and broke it in a way that showed who He was and what He was about to do for us…and that’s what I love about learning more about Jewish history, is finding the ways that Jesus said and did things that were radical for His time and place. Then, too, I think about what He said about the Sabbath being made for man and not man for the Sabbath…I think God laid out these traditions in the OT to give His people some rest and a reason to take a moment to celebrate and enjoy His blessings. That we mess them up by being restrictive and worried about the details, missing the point…well, that’s a branch of the same human flaw that drives us to devisiveness, factions, and devotion to rules rather than appreciation for our freedom in Christ’s gift of Salvation.

  3. Faith

    This is a helpful blog post with great resources. This year will be my first Passover and I am excited. I wanted to add something important to the comments even though they are a few years old.

    Jesus didn’t break God’s laws, He fulfilled them. God didn’t make any errors with His laws and the Old Testament is no exception – His laws are perfect. When Jesus spoke about legalism, He wasn’t contradicting God’s laws (Torah), He was speaking about man’s laws (the collection of laws which were spoken about in Jesus’s day and eventually became the Talmud). Specifically Jesus preached against those who followed the letter of the law but did it to show off or who did not practice humility and repentance in their hearts.

    Actually Jesus showed us what true righteousness looks like (not just the letter of the law but clean hearts and thoughts) and that all have sinned against God in thought or deed. Only God is good, Jesus tells us and we cannot earn our way into heaven. But that is not why we do Passover, we do it to remind ourselves and express our thanks to God.

    You can confidentially follow God’s laws and observe His festivals without falling into legalism. In fact, Genesis tells us that the very reason God put the moon in.the sky is to mark His festival.

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