A Little Spiritual Geometry

Here’s an interesting illustration that Isaiah and I came up with while we were doing some math last year. I like the visual illustration, and I like it that it appeals to the mathematical side of the mind…a side which is sadly lacking in my own brain, but abundant in a lot of other lucky people! I thought it was interesting that he saw a connection between God and Math, my feeling (as a child, anyway) was that math was actually from the pit of hell ;o)

Here’s the analogy:
A Line. The Line goes on forever in both directions, eternally proceeding forward and backward with no beginning and no end. The Line represents God.

A Line Segment. The segment has a defined beginning point and an end point. The segment represents our life on earth, defined by the endpoints of birth and death

A Ray. The ray has a defined start point with a line going off in just one direction, eternally forward. The ray represents our soul…with a defined beginning but an eternal path forward.

I’m not feeling led to say much more about this. I think it’s a powerful illustration, and I’ll let the reader consider its implications. God bless!

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