1. i’ll have to share this with a friend, new to g-free, and another… anyway, gonna have to figure out how to make a vegan version for me.

    and orange peels? oo-la-la!


    • Sorry it didn’t turn out! It’s naturally a dense cake, but the doughy shouldn’t happen. GF baking can be so hard…it depends a lot on what kind of gluten free flour mix you used. My guess is that the doughy might have happened if there was too much xanthan gum in the mix, at least in the past I’ve found that that is often the cause. What kind of flour did you use? Another thing that helps is to use a baking thermometer to measure the temperature at the center of the cake…it should be 210 degrees. Sometimes GF baked goods don’t behave the way a regular cake does, so it can be hard to tell by the usual means (cake is brown around the edges, springy in the center, etc.)

      • CK

        Thanks for the reply Erica. I used a gluten free all-purpose mix (Orgran I think), possibly with the addition of xanthan gum but as stored in canister and not original package not sure now. Wouldn’t have thought of testing the heat at the centre of the cake (as they usually sink if meddled with before completion!) but will have to try that next time. “Sometimes GF baked goods don’t behave the way a regular cake does…” Oh I hear you! :/
        The only other thing I just thought of was maybe it was in the mixing as this cake was prepared in the food processor?
        Will have to reattempt as I so wanted to love this recipe.

        • I’m not familiar with Orgran, so I’m not much help with that…maybe try a light mix, the Betty Crocker gf flour comes to mind. I totally understand about wanting to love a recipe! I sure hope you can get it to work for you. So sorry it didn’t work better the first time!

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