I guess it would be prudent to introduce myself before launching off into a mono-blog (sorry bout the bad pun) about the happenings of my life. I’m a 32 year old woman, married to a wonderful 33 year old man and mother to 3 cute, funny, sweet, exasperating, amazing kids. The oldest, Zay, is nine, followed by Bear, who is six, and TsuTsa, who is three. They go boy, girl, girl. And as you’ve likely guessed, these are not their real names.

I am from Bozeman, Montana. That’s not where I live now, we live in Salt Lake City Utah…but that’s another thing altogether and I’m sure you’ll hear enough about that later.

I home school our kids, and have taken in two other home school students as well. The five kids keep me very busy, which is why it is insane for me to by writing a blog at this point in my life…however I am famous for trying to do insane things in order to keep myself sane, and this is an example of that. The hope is that it will be an outlet for me to keep myself familiar to myself, which parents (especially home schooling ones) of young children know is not as easy as it might at first seem. Also, writing seems to beget more writing, and I need to do more of it.

My faith is part of everything I do, or at least I am hoping that it will be. Christianity has seen me through some interesting times and, having seen both sides of the coin, I far prefer life in Christ to life without. The difference nearly defies words, trust me.

I’m not so good at introductions, but it’s a start.

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