1. I think this has very useful applications and if it was GPS activated I may be the first in line. And the elderly and ill wander away from even very very good supervision. Heck I love and watch my children like a hawk and they have managed to wander from me. I personally believe the mark of the beast will be obvious not some hidden chip no one knows is there. Honestly this really does not worry me even a little. hugs

  2. Dawn, I figured we’d disagree on this one! ;o) I don’t usually come out against something like this and there are so many *positive* things to say about God’s love and grace that I feel bad when I do say something negative. But this just doesn’t sit will with me! I agree that there are some very difficult cases where wandering is a dangerous problem, and I didn’t mean to sound like it’s always possible to keep an eye on everyone, all the time. I used to teach autistic kids and that was a huge issue. But there are other ways to keep track of people…existing GPS technology that is not invasive. Anyone who has raised a child knows that tragedy can happen in an instant. I just don’t think this is the solution, kwim? The technology has been around for a little while, and as far as I could find hasn’t saved any lives or prevented any disasters. People are using it for things like gaining access to a company photo copier…it just doesn’t sound right to me.

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