I want to start this post out with a disclaimer: I am not generally an alarmist and I certainly would never consider myself a conspiracy theorist. In general, as far as end times and Armageddon go my policy has been: When it happens it happens. When people start talking about how the current age seems to fulfill so many of the end-times prophesies in the Bible, I tend to glaze over a bit. Sure, we’re seeing a lot of the things predicted by Jesus, John, Daniel. But hasn’t every generation felt the same way? Doesn’t each generation take a look at where things are compared to how they were a hundred years ago, shake their heads and figure it can’t get much worse then this?

Yesterday I took a moment to check one of the blogs I frequent, 2ed Cup of Coffee. Linda over at 2ed cup is no alarmist either, in fact her blog is a place where I can always rely on having my spirits lifted and frequently my sides hurt from laughing when I’m done reading her posts. So I took her post on Uberveillance with more than my usual grain of salt. Uberveillance, you ask? I had never heard of it either.

Uberveillance is essentially human microchipping. Microchipping pets has become quite common, and essentially this is the same concept. A human version of the pet microchip has been invented, patented, and approved by the FDA. There have been cases in Florida where residents of an Alzheimer’s care center were microchipped (in case of wandering), raising ethical and legal issues. The issues raised surround the ethical question “should we microchip people who do not have the ability to choose this procedure for themselves.” Personally, I think the bigger question is “should we microchip…people?”

I honestly had a hard time believing that this was happening. It sounded too crazy to be true, too much like a fulfillment of Biblical prophesy to be a really happening, right now, today. Microchipping people has the potential to have such terrible consequences that I just couldn’t believe it is going on now, and we have not even noticed. Could we be that complacent? Surely it was an exaggeration. So I hit the Google search.

It’s real.

The Verichip website claims that their human microchip is useful for:

1. Patient Identification
2. Infant Protection
3. Wander Prevention
4. Emergency Management
5. Vibration Monitering
6. Tool and Equipment Management (?!?)
and last but not least…
7. Asset Tracking.


Ok, first the practical. Currently this microchip is not GPS activated (although I’m sure the technology to do that is well underway). So what use is the chip for wander prevention or infant protection? You can’t track a person with it. My assumption, then, is that once the “lost” wanderer is located, you can easily scan their chip and find out who they are. But identifying people who have wandered away is not really the difficult part of the issue. Generally people who are lost have people who are looking for them, and the difficult part of the equation is locating the person rather then reuniting them. I am tempted to go off on a rant about the quality of care issues that this brings up, but I won’t. There are a hundred different, non-invasive ways to accomplish the same goal…not the least of which is ensuring that your elderly grandmother or your wandering toddler are being properly supervised…by the humans who are responsible for them! I realize that there are exceptional cases of wandering, but there are also other (external) devices available that do provide GPS tracking and don’t require embedding something under the skin.

The same logic applies for medical management. The problem with medical malpractice concerning medical records is not that the proper records do not exist. It’s that nobody is properly checking those records. Will a microchip fix that? Would a doctor who has failed to look up their patient’s records before prescribing a potentially toxic medication remember to take the same minute-and-a-half to scan that patients forehead for the medical information embedded in their chip?

Microchipping is not a fix-all for human irrresponsibility. And it doesn’t do anything that dental records, fingerprints, careful attention and other (non-invasive) tracking devices can’t do.

So what’s the use for human microchipping? For the moment, I guess I’m crossing the line and joining the ranks of those who are preaching End Times. Because seriously:

Revelation 13:16–He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark…..

Which goes along all too well with #7 on Verichip’s list. The human microchip is good for asset tracking. And it’s not too far a leap from there to the verse in Revelation, is it? I’m not saying it’s happening tomorrow. I’m just saying…as for me and my family, we won’t be lining up to get chipped.

Ok, I’m done for today. Sorry for two rants in the last week…I try not to do that but this was so wild I just couldn’t resist.

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  • June 2, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    I think this has very useful applications and if it was GPS activated I may be the first in line. And the elderly and ill wander away from even very very good supervision. Heck I love and watch my children like a hawk and they have managed to wander from me. I personally believe the mark of the beast will be obvious not some hidden chip no one knows is there. Honestly this really does not worry me even a little. hugs

  • June 2, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    Dawn, I figured we’d disagree on this one! ;o) I don’t usually come out against something like this and there are so many *positive* things to say about God’s love and grace that I feel bad when I do say something negative. But this just doesn’t sit will with me! I agree that there are some very difficult cases where wandering is a dangerous problem, and I didn’t mean to sound like it’s always possible to keep an eye on everyone, all the time. I used to teach autistic kids and that was a huge issue. But there are other ways to keep track of people…existing GPS technology that is not invasive. Anyone who has raised a child knows that tragedy can happen in an instant. I just don’t think this is the solution, kwim? The technology has been around for a little while, and as far as I could find hasn’t saved any lives or prevented any disasters. People are using it for things like gaining access to a company photo copier…it just doesn’t sound right to me.


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